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All employees, regardless of position, can come forward with their case to an independent 3rd party if they experience unwanted behavior or discomfort at work

The Ethics Gateway supports HR procedures at companies and institutions with the aim of promoting a safe workplace culture. The Ethics Gateway works as an independent consultant, in collaboration with the boards of companies or institutions, that make an agreement to operate the Ethics Gateway. 

We put matters immediately to a professional and safe channel

Our goal is to make it easier for employees to come forward with their experience

The benefits can be many and varied

  • Less risk of financial loss, lawsuits and a bad reputation with early external intervention if serious issues arise
  • Strengthens the foundations of a good and healthy workplace culture
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Shows that the employer is concerned about well-being of employees and is involved in eradicating unwanted behavior in the workplace
  • Demonstrates good management - Label of quality 

Examples of unwanted behavior or discomfort at work

Sexual harassment, bullying or violence

Discomfort in communication with other employees

Recurrent and prolonged communication difficulties

Stress or strain at work

General discomfort that affects the person's job

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