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Ráðgjafar Siðferðisgáttarinnar veita margs konar ráðgjöf fyrir vinnustaði á sviði þjálfunar og þróunar mannauðs. Við leggjum áherslu á persónulega ráðgjöf, sem sniðin er að þörfum og aðstæðum hverju sinni. Við viljum hjálpa okkar viðskiptavinum að móta hvetjandi starfsumhverfi og innleiða þrautreyndar aðferðir til að bæta frammistöðu, auka vellíðan á vinnustöðum og forðast erfið atvik sem upp geta komið.

Action plans and codes of conduct

  • Action plan for bullying, harassment and violence 
  • Consulting regarding processes  
  • Positions and values examined 
  • Drawing up a code of ethics and/or code of conduct  
  • Conversations with the person concerned, e.g. in the form of focus groups   

Training about bullying, harassment and violence

  • Bullying, harassment and violence defined 
  • Can you fprevent unwanted behavior? 
  • What to do if there is any evidence of undesirable behavior? 
  • Discussing boundaries and codependency 

Effective communication

  • Training in the form of a workshop with the aim of strengthening participants in communication skills 
  • Employees get certain tools that strengthen effective collaboration in the workplace 
  • Exercises to train the subject and strengthen the team 
  • Discussing effective communication technology, active listening, solutions, emotions, etc.  

Workplace analysis 

  • Specialization in workplace analysis with an emphasis on in-depth interviews, also online surveys
  • The aim is to measure e.g. job satisfaction, loyalty and engagement 
  • We look at the results and factors that could be improved in a targeted way 
  • Emphasis is placed on simplicity and a clear presentation of results  

Energy Management

  • Energy management is a response to stress and stimuli in a modern work environment 
  • Methodology based on research in various disciplines and deals with changes in working methods, attitudes and habits of employees
  • Education in the form of an energy workshop, lectures and work sessions 
  • GCan result in healthier and more powerful staff, increased productivity and fewer absencesa og öflugra starfsfólki, auknum afköstum og færri fjarvistum 

Performance Review Interviews

  • Aim to train and strengthen managers for employee interviews so that they are effective 
  • Emphasis on the human aspect of conversations, purposeful preparation for interviews and conversation techniques 
  • Discusses feedback and motivation to promote improved performance 
  • Review effective ways to address performance issues through corrective interviews

Human resource management

  • Highlighting HRM and the role of managerslutverk stjórnenda 
  • Challenges and effective ways to deal with them 
  • Time management and prioritization of projects 
  • Recruitment, onboarding new hires, performance management, performance reviews etc. 

Termination counseling

  • Employers can provide counselling to their former employees following dismissal
  • The person in question receives counseling with emphasis is on career development
  • Assistance in shaping new careers, finding strengths and using them in future job search
  • Practical advice for job hunt

It is always best to tackle to the root of the problem

  • Need to look at organizational procedures or work ethics?
  • Need for training and development for managers or employees?

Good prevention promotes a safe and positive workplace culture!

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